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Literacy Day 8th Sept 2017

Page history last edited by Caroline Dubos 3 years ago

This year, International Literacy Day (8 September) will be celebrated across the world under the theme of ‘Literacy in a digital world’ Pls feel free to upload here the tasks/activities or pics from this day at your school. Thanks a lot for your collaboration! 

  • These pics reflect how Estonia celebrated Literacy day in 8th September 2017: The Estonian students wrote the poems and essays. They paid attention to our beautiful mother tongue as it is a unique and small language and we have to be careful to keep it. In English lessons they did the same in English. Afterwards they read and presented their writings to the other students. The students illustrated their writings.
    In September we also celebrated the European Day of Languages. http://edl.ecml.at/Home/tabid/1455/language/en-GB/Default.aspx
    Many students took part in the all-republican quiz on European languages and culture. It was an interactive quiz: http://edlv.planet.ee/KP2017/

           The quiz is in Estonian. They had to guess the meaning of the words in other languages. There were 21 questions. If you choose "Küsimused" perhaps

           you may find something familiar to you.

  • These pics show how Spanish students celebrated 8th September World Literacy Day. This is our blog's entry. And here you can see my students' presentations of their own design. Check it out! :)
  • Turkish students celebrated 8th September International Literacy Day in classroom with different vision. They tried to understand that world is changing so there are various literacy types. They gave examples what kind of literacy is in own lives. You can see photos and videos here... 
  • In France, in the school's library, students could create un word cloud reflecting their feelings and summary about a book they read here. They had to choose key words able to describe the book and choose visual choices using Word Art to create their word cloud. Then they had to explain their choices and the reason why they choose this book in an oral presentation. This work promoted literature and literacy skills, asking pupils to choose properly words to describe and give a critical thought of the book they choosed and create a visual poster of it. Here and here you can see two examples of students'work.

Comments (1)

Raquel said

at 8:45 am on Sep 28, 2017

Thanks a lot!! I really like your Literacy Day actitivies in class, so dynamic and colourful :) It's very important we emphasize the concept of literacy as well as ways to improve it. And if this way can be fun, that's even better. Thanks a lot for your effort, dear partners!

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