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Page history last edited by Raquel 1 year, 3 months ago


Here I'll upload coordination mailing as a follow-up file:


RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

15:48 (26 minutes ago)  
to Mustafa, mehmet, Caroline, Virginie, Kerstin, maureen.kompa, Kersti, Ingrid


Dear partners,


Before summer holidays, I'm revising Gofor project last actions, so we can relax and disconnect in summer until final report must be sent (60 days after the project ends, that means, from 31st August onwards).


Post-M2 TPM Turkey mobility tasks are done. Mustafa has uploaded attendance sheet, minutes and newsletter on the wiki. Thanks!

Project Website: There must be some minor changes to be done:

I've check Newsletter 6 is incorrect. The right one must be uploaded.

The last files (M2 mobility minutes, for example) must be uploaded.

The interim report student's results are wrong. You can now copy it from wiki, I fixed it up.

The final evaluation of the project link must be also active.

Kersti, your assessment comments must be uploaded here ( your final questionnaire results). This is very important as part of the evaluation of the project.       

Pls partners, check your Mobility tools. All mobilities must be edited (regarding participants, objectives if needed). Pls check your budgets are correct. If you have doubts, it's convenient contacting your NA.

Pls update your school websites (if needed), and project blogs with the latest project actions (either M2 mobility, or any other school action implemented lately).  I've been working a bit on Twinspace, which can also be updated. Pls feel free to connect and comment on any of the posts, so this will benefit all of our work. I'll keep it open until the end of KA2 project. I'll try to apply for the National Quality Label, my deadline is 7th July.

Partners' final report questions: pls Mustafa and Kersti, can you edit your documents (attached) with a few answers? Pls, choose your file (named as your country). That would help us a lot.

This summer I'll work on the project final report. In September, I'll share with you the info needed to fill your "only question" in your final report :)))  I'll contact you also to meet online on Skype to set a date to send the final report at the same time.         


And I think that is all....

As usual.... 



Enjoy summer!


RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

Thu, 11 Apr, 10:16  
to Mustafa, mehmet, Caroline, Kerstin, maureen.kompa, Ingrid, Kersti, Virginie, ANA


Dear partners,

As you know, we're holding our last project mobility in Hatay (Turkey) from 29th April to 3rd May 2019. I'd like to inform you about some important issues:
  • Here you've got the assignments to do prior mobility.
  • I'd like Turkish to finish literacy lessons and reflections from previous work package (C3 mobility) so our Estonian partner can finally collect all the material and finish the manual to bring to Turkey. Deadline: 12th of April.
  • Pls, Kersti, I'd like you to fill in this swot analysis information from C3 mobility ( evaluation of 1st-year project at a partnership level, fill in your Estonian information pls). Thanks for your effort doing previous newsletters and minutes.
  • Turkish partner: pls send us the mobility programme and an expenses plan ( especially if we need Turkish lire or euros to pay in cash and how much approx.)
  • Kersti, could you pls share students' trailers and stories from previous C4 mobility? This is an etwinning task, so all of them must be posted on twinspace. I can help you with that, if needed.
  • As requested, I attach in this mail pdf of previous work packages.
  • All newsletters have been posted on wiki here.
  • Last mobility minutes have also been posted here
  • I also updated C4 workshops folder to explain and show how our students worked



RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

Tue, 19 Mar, 14:52  
to Kersti, Kerstin, Mustafa, Virginie, Maria


Dear partners and Kersti,


Regarding agenda, and seeing some partners have got a limited budget for the mobility, it could be convenient to avoid Tallin’s museum since tickets are quite expensive and we won’t spend so much time in Tallin ( taking into account time for the return trip). Therefore, it could be nice just to walk around the city centre, don’t you think? I’m sure our students want to buy souvenirs and chocolates, and taking some selfies.


 Kersti, have you got the teachers’ version of the programme?


I’d like to summarize main issues to discuss during mobility that we all must take into account:


  • Literacy lessons: each partner explains briefly the lessons included in the manual (10’ each partner)

  • Get guide conclusions (all partners)

  • Reflection on 3 activities from manuals from other partners. Explain briefly a reflection on them (10’ each partner). These reflections will be included in the literacy lessons manual as annexes.

  • Review of project website and other dissemination tools(blogs, social networks, twinspace).

  • Turkey mobility (mobility programme content, dates and German partner’s decision)


Post mobility tasks:


  • Estonia: post-mobility questionnaire, meeting minutes and newsletter. Development of introduction to manual and add conclusions and annexes (following project’s application form).

All partners: dissemination of manuals, project sites, experiences and mobilities at school level and community level. Update of dissemination sites.


Looking forward to hearing your feedback

Kind regards


RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

Fri, 15 Mar, 13:07  
to Kerstin, Kersti, Mustafa, Virginie, ANA


Dear partners,


I'm writing to you to inform you about one issue that has emerged these days due to the last mobility in Turkey of our project GoFor.


Kerstin has sent me an email informing me about the latest political issues from their German government regarding German-Turkish relationships. Accoding to the German Foreign Issues Department, German governors have issue an alert for Germans travelling to Turkey. Therefore, Kerstin and Maureen have considered this matter and they have decided not to travel to Turkey, and therefore, not attending last M2 Transnational meeting in Hatay.


As a consequence, I've contacted NA to inform them about this situation and the alternatives we may have to solve this. 

My foremost concern as coordinator is the achievement of mobilities and project objectives as well as the well being of partners relationships.


Alternatives are several but there is only one of them which is viable. Alternatives are:


1. Cancelling this mobility, which will harm us all economically. 

2.Transfering this mobility to another destination. In this case, Turkish partners won't be able to attend since they don't have money for that, as they are hosts this time.

3. French, Estonian and Spanish partners attend the mobility as agreed. Only Germans can attend the mobilty meeting via Skype. In this way, mobility's objectives can be reached and this won't affect our project's objectives either. 


Therefore the only possible option I see is number 3. 


I am aware of the fact that this situation is difficult for both German and Turkish partners. I respect everyone's opinion on this, but let's focus on our project which is something we have been working on very hard for two years. And I really want to find the best way to suit you all. I also believe we must deal with this in our next Estonian mobility where what needed can be discussed. Kersti, (very important) the agreements reached must be included in the next minutes meeting, and this must be signed by all partners.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, 

I'm open to other alternatives in case they are favourable for all partners.

Kind regards




RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

Sun, 3 Feb, 20:17 (3 days ago)  
to Mustafa, Kerstin, Kersti, Virginie


Dear all,

I've been collecting in a file all the things we need to do prior to, during and after Estonian mobility. Check it out here. (C4 Estonia Mobility- Assignments)
Moreover, we need to reinforce the way we disseminate our project actions. Remember it is essential to show everything we do in our classes and out of them in relation to our project so this might determine a good assessment by our NA. 
Therefore, everybody needs to update blogs (most of the last posts are from last mobility in September) as well as our school's websites. Mustafa was thinking about their students to open an Instagram account, my students have one, so they manage to post and to comment.This is one of the main sources among students at the school. Pls, post all project links on your school websites so more people can access through different sources.
Mustafa still needs to upload literacy lessons on wiki and Kersti pls send me C3 newsletter file (in a word file) as well as post-mobility questionnaire results and link
Thanks a lot for your hard work!
Any questions, let me know
Kind regards





RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

12:58 (0 minutes ago)  
to Mustafa, Kersti, Kerstin, Virginie


Dear partners,


Hope you're enjoying Sunday.

Just to let you know I've already finished and uploaded Spanish literacy lessons on wiki. It would be convenient if you could use the same typography ( Cambria 12) as well as including your school logo on the left as I did. Pls try to follow the same format I did and we'll get a coherent final product.


Moreover, as I said, it's time to provide our students with the Who I Am grid Kersti must send us all.

By 11th February, guests and hosts must be matched.


Are you working on narrative activities in your classes?

I'm preparing a class itinerary to develop narrative for classes next Thursday and Friday so students will, later on, show and explain on Etwinning how they were.

Remember to take pictures or record videos!


Thanks a lot for your collaboration

Kind regards



RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

16/10/18 17:40  
to Virginie, Mustafa, Kerstin, Kersti, Maria, ANA, GEMMA, SILVIA


Dear all,

It was great to spend a week with you in Pärnu. Our Estonian friends organised a great mobility, it was indeed quite profitable for us as professionals and as persons. I'm writing to you to provide you with some project updates needed for its progress during 2nd year:
1. Work Package "Writing strategies Manual" is closed now. Now Mustafa and me (as coordinators of this package) will be in charge of collecting all the activities together and finish the final version of our manual. You will get a copy (paper) of it next mobility C4 in Estonia and it will be soon uploaded by me on issuu. Remember it is very important to disseminate the manuals done at our respective schools. For example, I'm leaving a copy of them in the teachers' room so we can disseminate their content among teachers.
2. As we agreed, our students will continue working on Twinspace.You can find more details of students' and teachers' tasks here. (scroll down until you see 2nd year project on Twinspace [...]) Twinspace is ready to be edited by you and your students.
3. As we also agreed, teachers' tasks are related to next manual to be done "Literacy Lessons". Pls find on wiki the guidelines to be followed. 
3. Thanks for uploading workshops into its respective folder on wiki. Here you can find the ones from C1 in Borken, C2 in Bordeaux, and C3 in Estonia
4. In these last days, some of you celebrated International Literacy Day, Erasmus Days or even exchange in Taipei. If our project has been involved, it would be convenient to upload pictures to show these actions in "Project Outcomes" folder on wiki.
5. On wiki you can also find the conclusions of our partnership Swot Analysis done during C3-  Kersti, we would like to read yours too :) This is a very useful ongoing assessment action that we must also include in our final project report. 
6. Inside wiki's mobilities folder, I've already created a new folder for C4 in Estonia. 
7. Post- mobility tasks for host: Kersti, after mobility I need you to do a minutes of our meeting agreements, a mobility newsletter (pls send me the info and pictures in a word file and I'll design it for you cause I use the template from IPAD)  as well as sending partners a post-mobility questionnaire to keep on improving. Remember we have already done 3 newsletters that are useful as dissemination tools.
8. Can't wait to watch the Estonian Erasmus news  (we recorded at the broadcasting museum), can you??.....looking forward to it!!
Personally, I'd like to tell you how thrilled I feel to have been collaborating with you during this 1st year project. Let's keep on working!!
I'd appreciate hearing your feedback, I'm all ears.   
Thanks a lot for your hard work
Kind regards

Raquel Abad Fernández



RAQUEL ABAD FERNANDEZ <rabad5@xtec.cat>

Tue 4 Sep, 17:17 (6 days ago)  
to Mustafa, Kersti, Kerstin, Caroline, Caroline, Virginie


Dear partners,

I'm writing to you to inform you I've been updating project wiki with second-year project actions to be done. Here I need you Kersti to fill in the number of students and teachers involved ( in the first grid) as the rest of the partners did. 
Moreover, I send you assignments to be done prior, during and post Estonian mobility. Pls have a look: deadline to submit your writing activities is 20th Sept. In case you need to modify anything in the module or add pictures, it will be open until 15th October 2018
Last but not least, I'd like you to take part in a Skype session on 14th September (Friday). Please answer this doodle to find the best time to connect for all of us. Caroline and Virginie, it would be very nice if Akila could connect and we can meet her at least online :) 
Skype meeting agenda would be:  a review of second-year project actions. Kersti can also answer your questions regarding C3 mobility. 
Thanks for your work!
Kind regards



24 August 2018

Dear partners,


   I’ve been reading your mails and  whatsapp messages. Surprinsingly, some misunderstadings have occured during summer holidays. I’d would say they are connected to some factors. 


   One is connected to misinterpretation of some basic rules we all agreed on before starting this project, that I’d would like to remind you: 


    As our agreement states, each partner has got a task to develop during the project, mostly connected to dissemination, implementation of actions at school, etc. Moreover, we also agreed on mobilities, dates have been already discussed. Needles to say Kersti, host partner is the responsible to deal with all the mobility details needed for partners: arrangement plan ( accomodation, transport, meals, etc), programme, activities, etc...as we did in past mobilities. Under no circumstances, a mobility agenda can be modified due to a partner’s personal option. This C3 mobility dates are from 23th-29th September( being 23th and 29th travel days). This means mobility activities and your compromise as teachers with the mobility will start on 24th and finish 28th. What happens after this, it is of personal option and has nothing to do with the project. So it can’t affect the common agenda in any way. If you have got any problems regarding flights, timetables or any other reason, you must inform the host coordinator ( Kersti, this time) as well as me as the coordinator of this partnership. We both will do our best to solve your problems. 


 As we all have tasks and responsabilities as coordinators ( project stuff and coordination of our own team at our school), I have also another task to do, that is to say, to coordinate this partnership. I did my best and I spent a lot of my time to organise a first transnational meeting in Barcelona. I believe first time is crutial to create a good basis and working atmosphere among people from different cultures, characters, etc.. it is not an easy task,  but I can assure you I always try to do the best I can, since I strongly believe this kind of projects can be very valuable for our students, but also for us to grow as professionals and personally. You’ve been offered different ways to communicate with partners and with me. I’m available via whatsapp, mails or skype. As I offer you to do my best coordinating, I also expect from you the best as partners, just being communicative, hard-working, and honest. That’s fair play. 


   We’re starting 2nd year of our Gofor project and I’ll update project agenda next week. Kersti has already created some files on wiki, inside C3 mobility, for you to fill in. Remember wiki is the best place to get all the information needed for mobility:


-arrival & departure times of partners



-transport details-how to get to Parnü from Taillin airport

-invitation letters


.... as we all did in past mobilities.


 Regarding accomodation of last night of programme, needless to say we all must stay in the same hotel, as we do in Parnü. As an exception, French people must wake up early on Saturday, so I can understand your decision to stay close to the airport to sleep on Friday night. The rest of us will stay in the same hotel, this also helps Kersti with organisation. 


As I said, we will have a farewell dinner of all us in Tallin on Friday night. 


So please start filling in wiki information to help Kersti with agenda and organisation of mobility.

I’d appreciate to hear your feedback, I’m all ears. 


Kind regards



26 June 2018

Dear all,


Some of you have already finished your interim report I guess, some others like Caroline or me are still working on it since our deadlines are different. Hopefully we'll keep Caroline keeping on working with us in September...pls let us know :)) Dates of next mobilities will be confirmed, as we agreed, on next Estonia mobility since we don't have next year school calendars yet!


 Before going on holidays ( we're off this Friday in Spain), I'd like to remind you some very important things to do before leaving:


1. I've uploaded the reading strategies modules on Issuu so it's finally published. 


2. Caroline: it's urgent you finish the oral skills module as Kerstin did. Pls uploaded on its wiki folder as a word file and I'll publish it on Issuu too.


3. Caroline: the newsletter after C2 mobility must also be done. Pls send it to me as a word file and I'll upload into my Ipad template as I did with the others.


4. Kerstin, Caroline and me: our surveys' results must be also uploaded to the wiki folder devoted to evaluation as I did here (take it as an example). The most important thing is to show results.


5. I remind Kersti and Mustafa to pls fill in this grid for me regarding the total number of pupils involved and teachers. 


6. Pls remind your students to fill in this 1st project questionnaire ( so far 5 Spanish, Turkish and German students, 2 Estonians and 0 French) and as well as taking part in the Lino task ontwinspace. That is a very important assessment for all of us. 


7. Caroline, keep on working on the project website. If you're leaving, that should be done before this happens. It would be convenient to leave just updating  the site to the person who is coming after you (if this is the case)


8. I've already created a new folder inside mobilities; C3 TTM ESTONIA to start stating arrival and departure times, participants...etc Kersti, you can start creating new pages as the rest of partners did in their respective mobilities. Pls help Kersti to plan everything in advance, we've got summer holidays and we'll be back in September. 


9. To give you a general perspective of our next mobility; during Estonian mobility, we'll deal with writing strategies, this is a key element in our teaching practices, probably something we'd like to improve in our daily teaching. As we agreed in the 1st TPM, this was Irish partner's task, but as they resigned, Turkish partners and I will be in charge of this module. In my case, we'll start lessons on 10th September. Probably I'll collect activities done this scholar year. Remember, we must create our own file explaining 5 writing activities as well as the grid to fill in, as we did in the past and upload in the respective folder for this. Our Estonian partners could organise a writing strategies workshop during mobility. The rest of partners should introduce their writing activities showing a mindmap of them. And it would be important to share questions, comments and conclusions ( a must to create a forum somehow). I'll provide you with more details last week of August. Probably it would be good to Skype at the beginning of September if that is ok for you. 


I think that is all for now....Thanks so muuuch for your work!


If you have any question, pls let me know

Enjoy summer holidays!

Go for it!


14 June 2018

Dear partners,


Our 1st Erasmus Gofor year is about to finish and it's time for me to get your feedback about actions implemented, school priorities and coordination plan. I'd like you to fill in this questionnaire. it won't take more that 5' of your time


As it is a very important assessment tool, please feel free to send this mail to all the teachers involved in the project from your respective schools


Thanks a lot for your collaboration

Kind regards


12 June 2018


Dear partners,


School is about to finish soon, but for us, June is a hard month. It’s the time we must finish all the 1st year actions, and we must show our NAs what we’ve been doing so far. As we agreed in France:


-each partner must fill in the participants list inside Mobility Tools for each of the mobilities that have taken place during the 1st year. Germany or France, if it’s your first time and you have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact any of us, Mustafa, Kersti or me. 


-Evaluation: Kerstin already sent us a survey to assess C1 mobility. Our French partner must also share with us a survey to assess teachers and students’ satisfaction with C2 mobility. This is a very important issue to do before interim report. I’ll share with you a survey about 1st year management plan to improve.


- Update Twinspace by students. Iam seeing some progress, that is great!


- skype meeting is about to deal with main issues to fill in in our respective interim reports. Not sure if all of us have got the same template, in my case it’s a questionnaire to fill in. Some of the questions I need to answer have to do with implementation, dissemination, sustainability, participants, impact, project management, learning activities, and description of the project. So I’ll provide you with the information needed wherever possible. Many information required can be found in our respective application forms, but needless to say, it would be great to share the same comments in some aspects, such as the ones related to learning mobility, for example. 



So I’ll meet you this Friday 15th June at 17.00 pm

Thanks a lot for your hard work


Kind regards

2nd May 2018


Dear partners,


I send you the agenda of tasks to be done before, during and after French mobility by teachers and students


We’ll meet on Friday 4th at 17.00 online, so please have a look at it to discuss the items and I’d like to get your feedback then. 


Thanks a lot for your hard work


See you on Friday


6th April 2018

Dear partners, how are you?

Hope you have enjoyed holidays, the ones who had. :)
Now we're back to work and now it is time to plan ahead future actions and mobilities (previously discussed in Germany) and assess the progress of etwinning project before.
Regarding Germany mobility, I really would like to thank you all for your collaboration and sharing as well as your hard work. Let’s examine tasks in detail:
1. Pls have a look at the C1 mobility folder, I'd would appreciate you upload the ppts and files discussed during the mobility HERE. (Please, revise M1 mobilitysome of you did not include yet your ppt). Moreover, according to agreement, Kerstin should write a newsletter post mobility. I attach HERE and example ( I also attach the template to use the same one for all the project newsletters, it's a pfd, you can transform it into another format to edit it ). Thanks!
2. There is some problem with the mobility pictures (+ this one), Kerstin, I think the link is broken. Could you pls check it? Thanks.
3. Dissemination tasks: Pls Kersti, get a draft version of project poster (I attach the example we've got at school) to discuss during France mobility as we agreed. Caroline, website must be ready updated now ( remember the guidelines we told you: address, include mobilities, pictures, videos, check links) Thanks in advance. 
Furthermore, pls remember your school websites and project blogs must be updated with C1 mobility and other updates
4. C2 France Mobility (28th May- 3rd June): I've set up a folder for you Caroline, to include here all the information needed for the mobility. You can follow previous examples as a model (M1 and C1). I am looking forward to seeing your week programme. 
Now Caroline is dealing with accomodation, pls share with her all the information required to help her with the plan. Next time, I'd like to develop the manual (speaking and listening strategies) in agoogle document so it can be shared with everybody on drive and it would be easier and less tough for the coordinator to edit. 
Caroline, pls check the link to your blog, it doesn't work.  :)
As we agreed, for French mobility everybody should wear the project T-shirt. You can choose the colour you like but all of them must contain: logo of your school logo of the project, title of the project and the logo Erasmus (I also attach it).
5. Speaking and Listening Strategies: Now it's time to start working on these activities. During French mobility we must also meet to finish our second project manual. French partners will be in charge of it; as well as adding an introduction to the manual. During the mobility, we'll meet to mindmap the activities suggested and get conclusions (as we did in Germany). So the manual will be done. I'll provide you with more instructions soon.




6. Book Fair:During April and May we must celebrate a Book Fair at our schools. Our will be hold on 23rd April which is the International Book Day and we also celebrate St.Jordi's day in Catalonia. All our students are involved in different activities that will be of public display this day. Also the Major, parents and other authorities have been invited to the Fair. (important to disseminate)


7. Twinspace Reading Circles project: As I told you in Germany, we REALLY need to communicate and help our students to go through this. If you don't see some of your students, a good idea is to communicate with them via whatsapp, so you can have direct communication with them. It is a MUST to monitor their progress ( most of the groups can't set up a date to meet, most of them have not even filled in the meeting form yet, nobody has published anything on Twinspace, some don't even know how this works... ....) PLEASE, this is part of our project and remember as a KA219, it is a scholar program so our students are our priority to learn and improve. If we don't help them, they won't do anything. And all the work will be useless. Pls meet them and monitor their progress, provide them with the worksheets they must do and show them twinspace tasks, where everything is explained. Thanks



8. C3 Estonia Mobility: as we agreed during the meeting, Estonia Mobility will be from the 23-29 September 2018. It's a teachers training mobility, so 4 teachers per country is required according to agreement.



And I think this is all for now...thanks for your hard work! 

I'd would appreciate hearing your feedback (reply all pls)



Kind regards




24th February 2018


Dear partners, how are you?


Just to remind you tasks deadlines. Next week Mustafa is coming to Barcelona and we'll be together in another project mobility. I told my students to contact yours, and by next Friday we must know which book each group would like to read. So we can get them the books and they can start reading (following more or less students calendar)


French partners are on holidays now but they might have some changes in their students groups. So I told my students to add them to their respective groups once this is solved.

Kerstin, if you need anything regarding the week programme, let us know. As I told you, next week Mustafa and me will be together for a week so we can help you anyway.


Mustafa and me will upload our reading activities after this next week mobility. So everybody can read them at home calmly before coming to Germany. Just a briefing will be required to mind map your activities suggested during the mobility.


By the way, you've been invited in Etwinning to Borken Mobility. Please acept this event.


Any other question or problem please let me know. Just three weeks left! :)

Have a nice weekend


King regards



17th February 2018


C1 German Updates


Dear partners,


It's one month left before we meet again to share some days together in Borken. Our German partners are working hard to meet all of our needs. Thanks for that!!

So far we already have:


1. Accomodation 


2. Did you book your flights? bus/train tickets? It'd would be convenient to write your arrival times on wiki.


3. We must be working now on our reading activities. Deadline 28/02.


4. I remind you the tasks to be done prior Germany mobility.


5. Students must also collaborate. Twinspace tasks 1 & 2 must be ready before 28/02.


6. Twinspace tasks have been redistributed throughout these months. Pls check calendar and tell me if this is possible somehow. If you have a look, first students meeting will be done during German mobility. Could we tell our students to connect somehow and check if this works properly? ( I wonder ....) Since we'll be together we can deal with problems and solutions much better. And check if this works.


7. Regarding twinspace tasks, I've added task 4. I'll also add worksheets your students need to start working. 


8. Please, fill in the contact details form asap so we can share them with our students and they can get in touch to at least choose a reading next week


Any other question, please let me know

Thanks so much for your hard work!

Kind regards




26th January 2018


Dear partners,


I send you the wiki link to check tasks to be done prior, while and after German Mobility.


We'll discuss them on the next Skype meeting 2nd Feb 17.00 pm (CET)


If you'd like to anticipate any comment, you can discuss on the wiki

Thanks a lot for your hard work! 




27th December 2017


Dear partners,


Hope you're enjoying Xmas holidays. I'm enjoying them but I'm also working a little bit to go ahead Gofor stuff we need to get ready for January.


This has to do with my Etwinning proposal we discussed in our 1st TPM. We must start up our project twinspace, and to do this, this is my proposal for our students' collaborative work for the project.


I look forward to getting your feedback on the wiki :)

Kind regards,




19th December 2017


Dear partners,


How are advent days going? Are you ready for Xmas?


I'm writing to you to inform you about our project updates. First of all, I've been updating our 1st TPM folder on our wiki. I've uploaded the minutes, our attendance sign-in, some pictures and a video of our mobility as well as the 1st newsletter.


I've seen you've been uploading your meeting ppts on the wiki, thanks for that. But please keep on working on dissemination and impact actions at your school level and show them on the wiki. Especially each country's blog must be done and updated. You can add the link by yourselves on the wiki's sidebar (so far we've got the Spanish, the Turkish and the French one).


Now it's time to be working on the logo contest. Kerstin uploaded some instructions of submission. The deadline agreed was 23rd December. I know we've been all quite busy with the usual stuff of assessing our students before Christmas holidays. Therefore, try to send Kerstin your logos before the year ends. In that way, she'll have ready the form to vote for the 10th and 11th January 2018. Remember we must involve between 10-15 teachers to vote these days. By 12th January 2018 we'll have a winner.


As usual, thanks a lot for your hard work! and....


Merry Christmas! may this new year 2018 bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life!



24th November 2017


Dear partners,


Time flies and we're meeting in our 1st TPM next week. I'd like to inform you first about the week programme that it's already uploaded on the wiki for your disposal. Regarding Wednesday lunch (paella provided by the school), I thought it can be great if we all could try your hometown sweets. Therefore, please bring something sweet as a dessert, we've got a sweet tooth and we'd really appreciate your collaboration to create such an intercultural setting for our lunch since teachers from my school will also take part in :)


Regarding meeting assignments, you may upload your ppt on this folder I created on the wiki. I've already uploded mine. Moreover, I've uploaded our meeting agenda for both days; Wednesday and Thursday, here.


Did you check weather? Now we've got sunny days in Barcelona, and we will probably will have some more next week. But I must tell you it's colder and wetter in La Llagosta (which is a village among mountains), so I recommend you to bring warm clothes for meeting days. In Barcelona it's usually less cold.


I'd like to create a whatsapp group to have your numbers just in case. Please, confirm the receipt of this mail and send me your telephone number. Thanks!


I think that's all for today :)

Any question, pls let me know

I look forward to meeting you all in Barcelona


Kind regards,


PD: Mustafa, I'm working on the writing skills swot analysis. Do not worry, I'll upload it when it's done.

8th November 2017


Good morning partners,


I'm writing to you to inform you about more details programmed for our 1st TPM in La Llagosta.

I've been updating our wiki with all the necessary information you may need to prepare meeting as well as trip. I'm working hard to meet all your needs, but in case you miss something, please let me know.


Here you may find:


1. Invitation Letters

2. Getting to Barcelona information as well as arrivals and departures (Caroline and Mustafa, can you pls fill in the grid yourselves??

3. Preliminary Programme for our 1st TPM. Check I've included the programme of activities, a budget plan and some other useful information you might need (landmarks in Barcelona with their prices and websites as well as hotel nearby facilities you might find useful).

4. Regarding Friday morning activity; Escape Hunt; it's a mystery activity I'd like to play in two groups with you. The idea is to solve a mystery, in this case in relation to Gaudi's death, in max. 60'. I consider this to be a great chance to strengthen our team relationship and show our competences in problem-solving and group working ;).


To do this, I must book in advance. The price is 20€ each person, and I need to confirm before 13th November. I told Mustafa already and he agrees to do it. Turkish and Spanish people can pay in advance to book the room. if you agree, you can pay just there. They can provide us with a invoice for each country if you need it.


Soon I'll share with you a meeting agenda.


I'd appreciate hearing your feedback.

Thanks a lot for you collaboration

Kind regards,



7th November 2017


Here I send you surveys results regarding your students' likes and habits as well as the one related to reading skills/writing skills/listening&speaking skills. I also attach here a link to show you some templates and help you when doing your own analysis. We all must include the following items in our study (a reminder on assignments)


General Overview


1. What is the objective of the survey?

2. External factors: Opportunities (+) and Threats (-)

3. Internal Factors: Strengths (+) and Weaknesses (-)


Relationship between internal and external factors


4. What are the strategies to address strengths (+) and opportunities (+)?

5. What are the strategies to address weaknesses (-) and opportunities (+)?

6. What are the strategies to address strength(+) and threats (-)?

7. What are the strategies to address weaknesses (-) and threats (-)?


Soon, I'll send you 1st TPM Gofor programme and invitation letter.


Thanks a lot for your hard work

If you have any question, pls let me know


Kind regards



30th October 2017


Dear partners,


How are things going?

I'm writing to you this email to inform you about the following steps we must take further in our project as well as the tasks we must get ready for our 1st TPM from the 28th Nov to 2nd December.


Just a few reminders:


- During October and November we must contact local media, newspapers, social networks and updating our school website (section Erasmus+) todisseminategenerally our project . I've created different dissemination folders for each country; Spain, Estonia, Germany, Turkey and France, if you want to store there the dissemination actions you deal with in your hometown media sites. This can be useful when writing the 1st year report for our respective National Agencies. I've started to do it in my folder, you may have a look at it to have an example.


- Students must fill in surveys online. Deadline 3/11/17. Regarding their SWOT analysis, my idea is the following, respecting project work packages:


a. Regarding listening and speaking survey's results, they can be analysed by FRANCE by means of getting a swot analysis as a summary


b. Regarding writing skills survey's results, they can  be analysed by TURKEY and SPAIN by means of getting a swot analysis as a summary


c. Regarding reading skills survey's results, they can be analysed by GERMANY by means of doing a swot analysis as a summary


d. Regarding other students' likes and habits, this can be analysed by each country and you'll offer a specific swot analysis of your students' group (please include this section in your 1st TPM ppt)


Moreover, as an initial evaluation, we must also test our teachers' treatment of skills in the classroom context and check their professional needs. To do this, please get 15 teachers from your school to do this survey.   Deadline: 10/11/17.


e. Regarding teachers' survey's results, they can be analysed by ESTONIA by means of doing its swot analysis.


Once surveys are done, I'll provide you with results (already analysed in graphics and percentages) by mail for you to work on them doing the swot analysis.


- Thanks again for your hard work and participation. On the wiki, we can all see how you celebrated specific days related to Erasmus and Literacy and, in that way, we can also share with our students different ways of learning languages. I'm quite satisfied with that, since this will help us to connect Eramus + project to our curriculum and classroom context, helping our students to increase their European awareness and international knowledge. Let's go on working on it!


Tasks to be done in November to prepared for 1st TPM:


All partners:


1. Ppt your school system (basic concepts) as well as how you deal with skills in your classrooms. (15' maximum to present)

2. Ppt Swot analysis (skills + your own student group analysis) (10 ' maximum to present)


Now I'm working on that week planning. In order to meet your needs, please send me your flight details (arrival time, terminal and departure time) to plan activities, meetings and other stuff. Moreover, please tell me if you’ve been to Barcelona before.


Soon I'll let you know about week planning and meeting agenda.


Last but not least, I’ve added on our wiki a page entitled mailings (follow-up folder). Here I’ll store all this kind of mails I send you with instructions.


Thanks a lot for your time

Any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to meeting you soon


3rd October 2017


Dear partners,


I'm writing to you again to inform you surveys are ready to be done by our students (I edited one of them that was wrong). Just to remind you we need AT LEAST 80 STUDENTS to be tested ( belonging to the group that will take part in the project).


Apart from that, regarding results, we need to analyse them doing the following:


  • If your students access to SurveyMonkey links ( the ones provided on the wiki) to do the test, I'll probably get your results. I can filter them by country and send them to you.

  • If your students get these tests translated into a different language, and therefore, you've used a different platform to do them, obviously you'll get your students' results.


In both cases, I'd like you to perfom aSWOT analysis of your group's results. This is something we'll discuss, share and compare in the first TM in La Llagosta. Here you've a sample.

Thanks a lot all for your great effort!


Kind regards,


14th September 2017


Dear partners,


How was your students' comeback to school? In Spain, we've started lessons today :)


I'm writing to you this email to inform you about our project launching process. As you already know, we confirmed the dates of the 1st transnational meeting in La Llagosta (Barcelona) from the 28th November to 2nd December.  Regarding this, it'd be convenient for you to state the full name of the teachers who will take part in this meeting filling in this grid here (remember: 2 pax;coordinator and language teacher). In that way, I may start asap to look for a deal (hopefully!) in accommodation. As soon as I get prices, I'll let you know (by mail).


Moreover, Mustafa and me are working on the meeting organisation and planning. I'll notify you next week the assignments to be prepared prior to the mobility.


Lastly, just to remind you we've got some tasks to do at our schools (A1-A2) during September and October 2017. Remember to keep record (pics) of any meeting you hold to introduce our project. (I'll provide you with a folder for this on the wiki soon, stay tuned... )


I'd like to thank Kersti for sharing your Literacy Day activities in class

. And I also encourage the rest of you to take part in sharing your tasks/activities, this year we celebrate the literacy day in a digital world, let's do it and show it!


Go for for it!

Thanks a lot for your collaboration and time :)

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me


29th August 2017


Regarding our GFLEF project process, I've been working a little on it these days in August to get ahead some coordination tasks. I've set a wiki workspace we may use for project implementation by teachers: http://literacyourfuture.pbworks.com/w/page/119646432/WELCOME) (work in progress) . Please ask access for permission and let me know if you have any access problems. As you may observe, it'll become our workspace where all the information should be shared, uploaded and edited. I invite you to access the site and get familiar with it.


Moreover, I've designed an image for our project that has also become the image uploaded on the wiki. This is something for you to use when introducing the project in your schools until we get an official logo for the project. Hope you like it! (I also enclose it as jpg)


In addition, we should start discussing dates for the 1st transnational meeting in Barcelona that it should take place in October/November 2017. I'd like you to discuss this online on the wiki. To do this: please log in onhttp://literacyourfuture.pbworks.com/w/page/119646432/WELCOME and click on the folder MOBILITIES- setting the date for the 1st transnational meeting page. To insert your preferences, remember to click on EDIT and once you're done, SAVE!! If you want to add any comments, please share them with us on the comments box below on the site, this is like a chat room. Thanks a lot! I hope all the above is useful for you

Please let me know if you have any questions on the wiki





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