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Post 1st TPM Evaluation

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After the 1st TPM in La Llagosta (Spain) I'd like you to answer this GoFor feedback survey. Please help us to improve future mobilities GoFor!

Thanks a lot



2. What was the MOST VALUABLE about the MEETING? 8 respostes


  • Teamwork during Gaudi's Death Game
  • to know the other participants, to have insight in the following project plans, to talk about the following tasks of each country - very important


  • Well arranged, good atmosfare, good cooperation.
  • meeting the partners, talking about our different school systems, all the visits
  • A good schedule, a very good cohesion and exchange between partners, a lot of attention to welcome us and make us discover the school and town.
  • Meeting all the partners in person.
  • Getting to know partners, discussing practical aspects of the project



3. What was the LEAST VALUABLE about the meeting?8 respostes


  • May be one language teacher could support Raquel all the time.
  • I can't say what the least valuable was.
  • nothing
  • Bad weather!
  • not having enough time to discuss about the common activities we should have during the 2 years
  • Too little time to talk about the project activities and the analyse of surveys.
  • lack of time, always being in a hurry
  • None



5. What topic(s) you would like to be improved or changed at next GoFor Erasmus+ meeting?8 respostes

  • Presentation and discussion must be together. No rush, just relax.
  • not to have too many items on one day, not to end every day too late
  • exchanging ideas
  • Nothing
  • Having time to schedule the common activities we all should have with our pupils
  • If we can provide more time to work, it will be perfect.
  • -
  • no such topics

6. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?6 respostes


  • I expect contribution and collaboration always
  • no
  • Thank you, everybody!
  • Thank you very much for your great work and your really nice welcome!
  • -
  • Thank you for your warm welcome




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