Task 4: Twinspace Reflective Journal


Reflective Learning Journal 


The twinspace's wall is yours, dear students, so you can share with us any image, video, activity that you do while implementing your etwinning project. Apart from that, teachers would like that each time you meet online, the discussion leader will be in charge of explaining on the wall your conclusions and findings. I provide you here an example of reflective journal you can follow. But...first, what is a reflective journal?


What is Reflective Learning Journal?

Reflective journal is designed to help you think deeply about your learning, especially on issues such as: your progress in learning, the difficulties you encountered in the process of learning, the strategies you have taken to get around those difficulties, and your evaluation of your own performance.


What can you get from writing reflective learning journal?

         For the study, writing a reflective learning journal helps you:


 For your development as a successful and independent learner, it helps you:


General Instructions