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1st TTM Berufskolleg Borken evaluation

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1. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the Erasmus+ TTM GoFor at Berufskolleg Borken


  • ·   66,7% were satisfied and 33,3% very satisfied     



2.What was the MOST VALUABLE about the MEETING?

  • ·         meeting the partners in person
  • ·         the activities and workshops done at school
  • ·         workshops
  • ·         sharing experience
  • ·         collaborating with other teams
  • ·         workshop in the Printing House
  • ·         sharing ideas and cultures
  • ·         meeting the partners and exchanging and sharing ideas on language skills


3. What was the LEAST VALUABLE about the meeting?


  • ·         lack of time
  • ·         nothing
  • ·         anything
  • ·         -
  • ·         the dinner in Kolhn
  • ·         Essen Tour
  • ·         none
  • ·         the free time activities should have been better


4. How would you rate the following items?


Relevance of meeting content: 5 times excellent and 6 times very good

Providing a forum of exchange of information with other participants: 6 times excellent and 3 times very good

Quality of materials provided by the organizers: 7 excellent, 1 time good, one time very good

Conference venue/ facilities: 5 times very good, 4 times excellent

Organizing and arrangements for and during the meeting: 4 times excellent, 4 times very good and 1 time good

Quality social and cultural events during the meeting: 4 times excellent and 4 times very good and 2 times good

Catering service during the mobility: 7 times excellent and 2 times very good

Accommodation during the meeting: 5 times excellent and 4 times very good


5. What topic(s) you would like to be improved or changed at next GoFor Erasmus+ meeting? 9 Answers

  • ·         more time, less presentations
  • ·         improve organisation matter a little bit providing a expenses plan to be approved by participants
  • ·         Anything
  • ·         more practical exchanges of experience
  • ·         the content of the cultural events
  • ·         activities should be vivid
  • ·         the tasks can be more specific and clear



6. Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 7 Answers

  • ·         no (2)
  • ·         Thanks for all
  • ·         -
  • ·         Thank you very much for your nice welcome! We had a great time in Germany!





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