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Guide Inspire Literacy: Cross curricular Approaches

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This guide is coordinated by Estonia:// Guide on Issuu


As agreed on C3 mobility in Estonia, partners decided to develop this package as follows:


  • This guide will contain lesson plans in different subjects. The application of these activities must contribute to develop our pupils' skills in literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening) as well as other transversal skills; namely learning to learn, creativity, autonomy, entrepreneurship etc...


  • Length: at least 70 pages (in total).


  • Work Plan:
    • Each partner will develop 6 different lessons that help to contribute to improve the following skills (template: GoFor Lesson Plan Template.docx
      • 1. Digital competences
      • 2. Critical Thinking
      • 3. Learning to learn
      • 4. Entrepreneurship
      • 5. Self-confidence & motivation
      • 6. Creativity 


    • Each partner will also fill in a template to include key concepts that summarize his/her proposal. 
    • Deadline: 21st January 2019
    • This guide must be coordinated by Estonian partner (next mobility host) who will be in charge of transforming her proposals into a workshop for students and teachers during C4 mobility.
    • Each partner must organise activities at his/her own high school to disseminate this guide among the school community as well as maintaining the sustainability of the guide.  
    • Each partner must review three different activities from previous guides from another partner country. A reflection and photographs of this must be uploaded.  Partners can follow this model for their reflections. 






TURKEY: Literacy Lesson Plans Turkey.docx 

Activities reflection Turkey.docx



ESTONIA: Literacy Lesson Plans Estonia.docx



FRANCE: France-6 lesson plans cross curricular skills.docx

                    Activities reflection France.docx





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