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C4- Paikuse Pohikool- Literacy Lessons

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This folder will contain the workshops implemented during C4 mobility at Paikuse Pohikool (Estonia) during March 2019. These workshops are intended to our project students to improve their literacy skills.


1. Getting to know each other


2. After school tour, a common brainstorming was done. Students shared similarities and differences between Estonian learning system and their educational system ( timetables, lessons, subjects, classrooms, number of students per class, interests, motivations, ways of learning and doing):similaries and differences.mp4





2. Following kinesthetic learning, students wrote down key words to refer to people, emotions, places, animals which formed the basis of their stories


3. Students worked in groups (mix-nationalities) to work on their stories. First step was creating a mind map


4. Students developed their stories in groups, paying attention to language issues.


5. Students were encouraged to record for some hours at school and its sorroundings to show teachers and other students a trailer of the story. How can we get people involved and interested in reading our story?:



6. As a final workshop, students and teachers were all encouraged to participate in an emotions and music workshop to expand our imagination and creativity by free drawing while listening to music.




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